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What Are Some Different Types of Attorneys?

Before choosing an attorney for your case it’s important to realize that there are different types of attorneys. There are a variety of lawyers that specialize in different areas in the legal system. Listed below are some of the most common types and how they can best serve you.

Bankruptcy Attorney
Going into bankruptcy is a complete hassle in the first place. While the last thing you may be willing to do is put more money down for a lawyer, these attorneys are vital for getting your money situated in the long run. Bankruptcy lawyers are great at organizing and sorting through all the important paperwork that you need for this process. They are also valuable for educating you and your company on how to best file bankruptcy and what to expect with your business. Most importantly, they are also able to represent you at any hearings.

Civil Attorney
A civil attorney is different from a legal case or matter. These attorneys are used when an individual is being sued or suing someone else. In these trials, you won’t go to jail but losing will cost you a large monetary payment. Common types of civil cases involve: defending rights, settling debts, addressing injuries, or recovering alimony.

Criminal Defense Attorney
When getting tangled up in the law it’s best to find someone who can successfully support you at all stages of the legal process. Criminal defense attorneys specialize in supporting clients through various criminal allegations including the charges, arrests, trial, investigation, sentencing, and appeal process. Getting a lawyer who is experienced handing defense cases can best represent you and any potential charges you may face.

Copyright Attorney
When trying to protect your intellectual property, a copyright attorney may be your best bet. Intellectual property includes any art, writing, ideas, and any other creative medium. These can all be protected by applying a copyright to your work. Getting a lawyer can help aid you in this process, smoothing over any complications that may arise. They’re also helpful in any case where you believe that someone else is stealing your original work. If this can be proven you can use a copyright attorney to fight against any infringement.

Divorce Attorney
When needing a lawyer for breaking up your marital status, you’ll want to acquire a divorce attorney. They’ll help to ensure the even or rightful split of property, assets, and shared funds.